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6 Reasons You Need an All-in-One Software To Manage Your Field Crew Workflow


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Webinar Q&A

Why is ClockShark best for small businesses? Is there an employee limit?


We're 5-star rated from our customers and have won multiple awards for best time tracking software in the field service and construction industry, specifically. We were actually MADE with the intention to solve all the unique challenges in the construction industry with our software. Our CEO's are super familiar with managing construction companies and created a solution to ensure we did just that! No limit on employees!

Can ClockShark integrate with Quickbooks?


Yes! Both Quickbooks Online and Desktop.

What about using too much battery when GPS and location services are on?


The app should not take too much battery-- with all GPS features enabled, over an 8 hour shift you can expect no more than 15-20% of a battery. As far as logging out, if employees would prefer to log out after their shift they absolutely can as long they ensure their time was synced over. As long as they are logged in while on the clock, that works! I don't believe it will help conserve battery life though, since GPS locations are only reported when on the clock anyways :)

How do we retrieve attachments for a job at a later date?


Depending on how you attach them , they will be available on the shift via the timesheets. They can also be attached in the conversation of a job! You can download them from there anytime.

Can our employees use ClockShark if I only have Wi-Fi and no cellular data plan?


In ClockShark the app still works with our without cellular coverage. Employee can still track their times, select jobs and tasks, and their information will still be stored in ClockShark. That information can then be synced when connected to cellular data or reconnected with Wi-Fi.

Can we use ClockShark to track billable vs. non-billable time as well as job classes?


ClockShark can mark time entry as billable or non billable. We also do class tracking , called Tasks in ClockShark.

I know there are a lot of different ways to use Clockshark. So far our company uses it in place of paper time sheets. We have not yet used the schedule or attachment options. We use Google calendar for schedule and emails for job site pictures. Interested to see how well all the other aspects of this application work and can work for our smaller company!


You're 100% right! It's meant to be flexible to adapt to different work flows and solve company-specific problems. I definitely believe the scheduler would replace the google calendar entirely and you can attach those job site photos to the job or the shift directly, and they will live there forever! So you can always refer back to them and have the context you need (you can leave notes too) I'm happy to hear you like ClockShark! We can set up some time to make sure that you are using ClockShark to its fullest capacity!

Replace paper timesheets with mobile time-tracking employees will be happy to use

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